Bluesky Data Collection Framework

Bluesky is a library for experiment control and collection of scientific data and metadata. It is developed by National Synchrotron Light Source II.

It emphasizes the following virtues:

  • Live, streaming data: Available for inline visualization and processing
  • Comprehensive metadata: Captured and organized to facilitate reproducibility and searchability
  • Experiment General: Seamless reuse of a process on completely different hardware
  • Recovery in case of interruptions: Experiments are "rewindable", i.e. they can be restored cleanly after interruptions
  • Automated Interruption/Resume: Experiments can be run unattended, with automatic pause/resume if necessary
  • Pluggable I/O: Export data (live) to any desired format or database
  • Customizability: Integrate user-defined experimental procedures and commands and get the I/O and interrupt functions for free
  • Integration with scientific Python: Natural interface with numpy and the scientific Python stack

see section available for further information.

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